Lead Credit Policy

4/25/2018 by peter.hughes

As a Featured Manager with Halby, you will receive leads filtered to your selected property types and zip codes. You may receive leads that result from obvious user error. Leads may be submitted for credit for the following reasons.


Eligible for a Credit

  • Wrong property type selected
  • Incorrect zip entered
  • Phone number invalid and email bounced
  • Duplicate APM lead within 12 months
  • Tenant inquiry
  • Vendor solicitation
  • Association leads not submitted by board member or delegate of the board

To request a credit, submit the lead in question to your account manager with an explanation, within 14 days of receiving the lead.

The following situations are not eligible for credit:

  • Requestor is unresponsive
  • Leasing only leads
  • Name differs from that on tax record


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