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Q: What recourse do landlords have for property manager conflicts of interest?

My property manager sold my tenant a new home. They wanted to break the lease three months early. The property manager re-rented the house for another 12 months without ing me. He ed me after he sold them a home and re-rented my home. The new tenant has pets. I…

Q: What are the document retention requirements for property management companies?

What is the document retention requirement of a property management company for power of attorney and financial lease documents? – Patrick from Jacksonville Beach, FL For real estate professionals, the general rule of thumb is that you should retain copies of all expired leases for at least seven years. This…

Q: Is it legal for real estate agents to work as property managers without their broker’s knowledge?

A Florida real estate sales associate, working for a broker, is performing property management duties without her broker’s knowledge, for which she collects payment directly. She uses the local multiple listing service to secure tenants and then takes over as a “personal or asset manager.” She is not doing this…

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