Is Seattle Washington a Good Location for Investment Properties


In todays economy many of us are left wondering if now is a good time to invest in real estate, or more specifically, is Seattle Washington a good location for investment properties. One thing is for sure, although the prices on investment properties are down right now all that means is that you are much more likely to get a better deal on that property you may be interested in buying.

Since Seattle is a booming city in the northwest with one of the hottest scenes for nightclubs, cultural events and sports venues it would be a perfect place to own investment properties. The Seattle area has been an attractive place for many years but now it is really evolving into a great place to buy investment properties.

When checking out Seattle Washington for investment properties keep in mind if you have good credit you can get a very low interest rate, and you are able to lower it even more depending on the down payment you bring to the closing. There is an influx of investment properties for sale in the Seattle area ranging from multi-family homes to commercial properties. Although now is probably not the most ideal time to “flip” a property, meaning to buy an investment property only to invest little money in repairs to turn right around and resell that property for a profit, it is the perfect time for those in their 50’s and 60’s who want to invest in real estate properties in the Seattle Washington area and hold them for some years, or until the market turns around

The best one can do is research and do their homework in the particular areas of Seattle they are most interested in and decide on what type of investment property they would like to invest in. While deciding if Seattle Washigton is a good location for investment properties keep in mind the great deal you got on someone elses lost profit, will eventually turn into a much greater proft for you.