Most Expensive Places to Buy a Home Near Phoenix, Arizona

credit: Having lived in the Phoenix and Scottdale, Arizona area for 22 years like many other major cities in the USA, there are good places to live and some, not so much. Back in the ’60’s, ’70’s and early ’80’s, North and Northeast Phoenix proper were the affluent areas and the small communities of Scottsdale, Tempe and Mesa were beginning to blossom. I lived just off Central Avenue on Rose Lane and any sane person driving up Central Avenue from Camelback Road would have thought they were on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California.

However, as we join the 1990’s and 2000 era, the most expensive places to buy a home were no longer near Phoenix, Arizona, but as far away as you can get. Currently the dollar sign goes up on homes in Cave Creek which is just a few miles outside the Scottsdale city limits. Also, the Chandler and Gilbert areas have shown strong growth and cost when you consider the opportunites for large amounts of acreage horse privileges that are involved. Speaking of Scottsdale, even though the population growth is pushing 248,000 there will always be those homebuyers who will genuflect to having the prestigious North Scottsdale zip code.

There are certain pockets of expensive places to buy homes near the city limits of Phoenix, Arizona. A buyer looking to find the right place to drop his suitcase and call it home need not look any farther than Fountain Hills north of Scottsdale on the highway leading to Payson, Arizona, North Scottsdale heading to Cave Creek and, of course, the lovely Paradise Valley area which always seem to be the first stop for the rich and famous. This, in particular, is one area where acreage counts and a five acre estate parcel near Bell road with a 35,000 square foot home other grandiose amenities including a 20 car garage will cost you a tad bit over $10 million bucks.
So, if you want to be neighbors of famous NBA and baseball sports figures, including retired pitcher Randy Johnson, Paradise Valley and north Scottsdale is your destination

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