Residential Fitness Programs: Thinking Beyond the Fitness Center

Not so long ago, property managers could buy a couple of multi-exercise machines, a treadmill, and a stationary bike; stick them in a room with mirrors and a TV; and voil?: A perfectly functional fitness room for your community! Not anymore. Today’s communities are cultivating new fitness experiences in their health centers, on par with […]

When Should Landlords Start Thinking About Taxes? (Hint: It’s Never Too Early)

It’s time to schedule a sit-down with your tax advisor. Why now? Well, your tax advisor won’t have much time for strategic planning when you turn in an overflowing box of receipts on April 12. Mid-year tax planning for landlords–well before the April 15 general filing deadline–can pay some big dividends, as your tax advisor […]

Ask an Expert: What to Do If You Suspect Drug Dealing on Your Property

I own a small, 10-unit apartment building. I suspect that at least one of my tenants is involved in dealing drugs. I don’t want them and their buddies dragging down my property’s reputability and endangering my investment. What are my options? –Adrian in Orlando, FL — Dear Adrian, Unfortunately, your situation is not at all […]