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Whether you have 10 rental properties or you’re considering renting out your own home, we would love to help.

There are a lot of things you should consider when choosing a Chattanooga property management company and a lot of questions you should ask.

River City Property ManagementAs one of Chattanooga’s premier property managers, we have found that owners choose us because of our three unique differences:

  1. We don’t hire property managers – this is a little “tongue in cheek” way of saying, our business is the quality of our people. Property management experience for our people is not a must when they come to work with us.  Fitting with our culture and our vision for the business is most important.  We want bright people who can pass our rigorous interview process that we affectionately call “The Grinder.”
  2. We communicate with uncomfortable transparency – trust is the cornerstone of any business relationship. We believe we can build trust by being uncomfortably transparent. We’ve found that owners don’t expect us to be perfect. What they do expect is for us to communicate and be very transparent with them.
  3. We celebrate the tenant – a rental house is not an asset. The real asset is the combination of the right house with the right tenant. That’s why when we find a good tenant, it is important that we keep them. How do we do that? We celebrate them. Some simple ways we celebrate the tenant are gift cards when we find them doing something right, or even to mark their birthdays. Or thank-you cards we send once a week showing our genuine appreciation for them as the reason we are in business.

Our pricing plans are varied to make sure you receive the coverage you want.

1. Silver - $65 per month

  • Property inspection report
  • Owner only phone line
  • Electronic statements and
  • disbursements
  • Maintenance management
  • 24/7 tenant communication
  • Rent collection

2. Gold - $85 per month

Includes all Silver features :

  • Quarterly inspection report
  • which includes new air filters and
  • smoke detector battery check
  • Bi-annual HVAC preventative
  • maintenance inspection
  • Complimentary lawn maintenance
  • during vacancy
  • 10% discount on gkhouses Chattanooga
  • maintenance labor

3. Platinum - Starting at $199 per month

Includes all Gold features :

  • Rent Guarantee – you will
  • never miss a rent payment
  • Complimentary house cleaning before
  • tenant move-in
  • NO Renewal Fee
  • NO Leasing Fee
  • NO markup on 3rd party
  • maintenance
  • Single Home or Condo (Valued up to $300K)
  • Single Home or Condo ($300 to $500K)
  • Single Home or Condo ($500K to $1 Million)