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Preferred Management Services

Frequently recognized as the most "preferred" property management company in southeast Texas, Preferred Management Services helps clients and communities from Huntsville to Galveston and all cities in between.

Preferred Management Services Our Services:

Community Associations
We offer complete property management services for single-family homes, condominiums and townhouse community associations.

Commerical Property Management
We provide a wide range of professional property management services for commercial investors and developers.

Consulting Services
Preferred Management Services provides an array of personalized consulting services for our clients, whether you need us for a one-time project or on an ongoing basis.

Developer Consultation
We assist land developers with creating new commercial properties, commercial associations and all governing documents.

24-Hour Emergency On-Call Services
The professional staff at Preferred Management Services provides 24-hour on-call service and full accessibility for any needs or emergencies that arise at your property.

You Pay Only for What You Need with our Preferred Management Services Options
We give you choices at Preferred Management Services. In addition to our standard management package, we provide clients with additional services that you can request at any time. Unlike some packages offered by other property management companies, you only pay us for the services that you need.

Vendor Contract Oversight Services
We supervise vendors and verify that work to your property is accurate and complete. We authorize payments when work is done in accordance with your proposals.

Common Area Inspections
Each month the staff at Preferred Management Services performs inspections of your community and common areas. If your board approved a deed restriction policy, we provide services within the guidelines of that policy.

We Attend Meetings
Depending on the needs of your board or community, Preferred Management Services is available to attend meetings related to your property. We also attend non-contracted association meetings on an as-needed consulting basis.

Assessment Billings and Collections
We prepare and mail association assessments in accordance with your association's governing documents. If payments are missed, we work with your board of directors to enforce any board-approved collection policies.

We Understand How the Texas Property Code Works with Deed Restrictions
We use our knowledge of the Texas Property Code to help associations accurately facilitate deed restrictions in their communities.

Association Policy and Procedure Development
We assist associations with the creation of new policies and procedures that work within any governing homeowners documents already established for a community.

Architectural Application Reviews
Preferred Management Services can process new construction and standard improvement applications within your community. We scan all applications directly into the homeowners account so everything is conveniently integrated into a permanent record.

Monthly Reporting
We provide association board of directors with complete monthly financial statements and other fiscal or deed restriction reports as requested.

Community Website Access
All contracted Preferred Management Services clients enjoy portal website access to a complete range of association documents, including account history with assessments and restrictions, community calendars, governing documents, approved budget and financial reports. Members can also make online payments and track pool tags.

Annual Budget Preparation Services
We assist property developers and community board of directors with all preparations relating to annual budgets.

Our Service Area
Preferred Management Services assists clients in the Harris, Galveston, Fort Bend and Montgomery counties, as well as surrounding regions.

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