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Sterling Association Services, Inc.

Sterling Association Services, Inc. is a full service management company that specializes in one-of-a-kind, personalized assistance for every type of client. We feature four convenient locations and do an array of work for single-family communities, condominiums, townhouse associations, commercial properties, master-planned communities and commerical retail centers.

Sterling Association Services, Inc.Examples of our Full-Service Features:

Frequent Updates and Communications
We're fully accessible and act as a point of for owners, board members and homeowners. We provide professional updates with advice on daily property operations and legislative changes that may affect your investments. Sterling Association Services furnishes administrative services to clients as requested.

Fee Collections
We can collect all regular revenue and additional funds from miscellaneous charges. We also follow up on collecting delinquent payments. Our clients enjoy the convenience of automated deposits into their accounts.

Detailed Financial Records and Transactions
Depending on your specific requirements, we can provide comprehensive recordkeeping for payables and receivables, operating budgets, monthly financial reports and optional payroll services.

Financial Planning Assistance
Sterling Association Services, Inc. has extensive experience in assisting clients with budgets, capital planning, reserve funds and asset management.

Meeting Assistance
We can organize meetings and assist with the preparation and distribution of agendas and minutes. Our attendance at meetings is negotiable and usually varies according the needs of our clients.

Site Management
We conduct routine inspections of your properties and provide detailed reports. We can also supervise on-site staff and assist with bylaw and association rules enforcement.

Repairs and Maintenance
We collect and present bids for competitively-priced repair and maintenance estimates from qualified vendors. We can also provide oversight of contract administration services to verify that the work is carried out to your needs and specifications.

Emergency Service
We offer 24-hour accessibility to all of our owners.

We coordinate insurance claims and provide you with an annual appraisal of assets.

Legal Records
For no additional cost, Sterling Association Services, Inc. acts as a registered agent office for all of your legal documents, minutes, registers and financial records relating to your property.

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