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The Vanguard Management Group

   9300 North 16th Street
   Tampa, FL 33612

Types of Properties We Manage:

 -  HOA (2 - 49 units)
 -  HOA (50 - 99 units)
 -  HOA (100+ units)
 -  COA (2 - 49 units)
 -  COA (50 - 99 units)
 -  COA (100+ units)

The Vanguard Management Group
Our Management Philosophy

How do you...

Prospects always ask us, "How does Vanguard handle collections? How do you handle deed restriction violations? How often does Vanguard do inspections?" How do you... And the list goes on.

So here is how Vanguard does things. First and foremost, our management philosophy is that we represent YOU, the BOARD! You are the boss. You set the pace, the tone and the direction. We know that if you are new to this, you will need all kinds of advice regarding pace, tone etc. So in all cases, this is how we work with you to put it together.

The Vanguard Management Group

  • First we scrutinize your association documents. This is your Bible; we must fully understand it to guide you.

  • Next, we schedule a meeting with all of your Board so that together, we can tour your community. It is during this inspection that we come to understand your neighborhood. Our earlier scrutiny of the documents will tell us what to look for so that we may now understand the relationship of responsibility between your documents, the Association and the Owners.

  • Armed with a better understanding of your community, such as grounds, deed restrictions, recreation area concerns, to name a few, together, we will develop a uniform plan, methods of operation to meet your specific needs and prioritize all items of concern.

  • Finally, there is the issue of money. But money is something that we, Vanguard and the Board, also work out together. Full service off-site management is usually so inexpensive, per unit, money is usually never an issue. If for some reason it is, we will determine together what services you really need and what resources in the way of volunteers your community has to offer. Some service will always be better than none. If you start off with a little, you may be so pleasantly surprised that you may even want to add more later.

This is how the Board sets the tone, the pace and the direction that we, as your manager, will follow for your association. Please note the word "together" was used many times. This is how Vanguard does things, "together".

Our Services


  • Clerical & Administrative support shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Legal updating & mandatory education of management personnel

  • Completion of form letters including violations, notices, meetings, agendas

  • Mailings for meetings & notices

  • Industry specific information designed to educate and stimulate the Board on matters pertinent to the physical aspects of their associations, documents, legal changes, court cases, etc.


  • We will gladly have your Manager attend as many meetings as you choose, however, we are able to offer discounts to those associations not requiring our attendance at monthly evening meetings.


  • Maintain adequate records to inform the Board regularly & effectively manage receivables

  • Mail delinquent notices

  • Serve as liaison to counsel with regards to liens and foreclosures


  • An accrual Basis Accounting Method as required by Florida Statute which shall provide monthly reports:

  • General Ledger Activity Report

  • Cash Disbursements

  • Check Register

  • Monthly & Year-to-date Profit and Loss

  • Comparison of Budget to Actual Statement

  • Monthly Balance Sheet

  • Aging of Accounts Receivable

  • Complete and file in a timely fashion all reports required by the Governmental authorities except Federal Tax Returns.

  • Work with Payroll Agencies for on-site personnel

  • Timely payment of your bills utilizing a MICR check writing system.

  • A Bank Lock-box shall be provided for the collection of assessments.

  • The Board may choose between a Coupon system or statements


  • The following services are available in their entirety or you may choose the services of your choice:

  • Inspect the property as needed or as contracted. Interested committee members are welcome to attend. Objective: to maintain community standards in regard to aesthetics, health, cleanliness, safety, and preservation of Association property.

  • Enforcement of rules and regulations either with or without advisement of the Board up to the point that legal action is required.

  • Supervise on-site maintenance personnel.

  • Supervise contractors and subcontractors

  • Bid maintenance and other contracts as may be requested at the discretion of the Board.

  • 24-hour emergency Service

  • Provide full or part-time on-site Manager


  • Clubhouse Reservations & Inspections

  • Parking Enforcement Program

  • Weekly, Monthly Janitorial Programs

  • Financing for Association Betterment's

  • Individual Unit Watering Meter Program

  • Preventative/Long Term Maintenance Programs

  • Handling Developer Turn Over

  • Remote Computer Access

  • Association Website Development