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Lake property management

"Lake property management" is a term used in part or in full by countless property management companies in their business names to designate their location or management niche. These management companies often deal with vacation rental properties as well as traditional management properties as lakes are a popular destination to visit or own a second home.

As lake properties are more likely to be vacation rentals or second homes, many of these companies offer specialized services in addition to traditional property management like regular unit inspections, cleaning services, community association management, check in and check out options, fridge-stocking, or even more specialized services like dock and boat maintenance.

Still, some lake property management companies, depending on their location and focus, can deal with non-residential types of investment properties (like commercial or retail spaces) and some offer related real estate services in addition to general property management. For example, companies might also help with asset management, real estate acquisitions and sales, or land development.