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Total property management

"Total Property Management" is a company name used by several property managers in the real estate industry as it readily indicates both full service management and a complete range of service options.

Most property management companies offer "total" management as one of their options which generally include most or all of the following services: becoming the first point of for tenants, building workers and maintenance contracts; researching comps, setting rental rates, marketing, showing available spaces and leasing the property; maintenance for the interior, exterior and grounds of the property; collecting rent and fees from tenants and managing the property’s budget for both the short and long term; maintaining contracts, issuing purchase orders, paying invoices, purchasing supplies, and general accounting and banking needs; and administrative tasks like reporting and keeping data organized-- which might include profit and loss statements, annual reports, rent roll, occupancy reports, and historical records. Management companies which advertise "total property management" might also offer services including consulting, asset management and property sales or acquisitions.

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