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Must Montana property management companies have a real estate broker's license?

NO. Property managers in Montana are not required to hold a broker's license. However, a separate property management license IS required to engage in property management activities in Montana. Licensing is defined by statute as:

An act performed for compensation of any kind in the leasing, renting, subleasing, or other transfer of possession of real estate owned by another without transfer of the title to the real estate…

Are there any exceptions to the requirement that a Montana property manager have a property management license?

Yes, for example, certain relatives of the owner of real estate are exempt from the licensure requirement.

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Before hiring a property manager to manage your Montana rental property, you should always check that he or she is licensed appropriately. You can check the license status of Montana property managers at the

Montana Community Association Management Licensing

A broker's license is not required to manage community associations or condo associations in Montana.

Montana Property Manager Licensing Requirements

Montana property manager licensing requirements include:

  • High School: high school graduate or equivalent
  • Education: 30 hours of pre-licensing instruction from a Board-approved school and instructor; in addition, 12 hours of new licensee mandatory continuing education must be completed by the second renewal date
  • Exam: pass the Montana Property Manager Examination (80% score or better)
  • Fee: $60.00 License application fee; $35.00 one time recovery account fee; Renewal fee is $75.00

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