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Must New Jersey property management companies have a real estate broker's license?

YES. Key components of property management (renting, leasing and collecting rent) are considered real estate activities under existing New Jersey real estate licensing laws. If a property manager is going to rent, list, collect rents, procure prospects or negotiate, assist, or offer to perform any of those acts, he or she will need a broker's license. A salesperson working under a broker may engage in such activities.

Are there any exceptions to the requirement that a New Jersey property manager have a real estate broker's license?

There are only limited exceptions to the requirement. For example, a bona-fide property owner is exempt as to their own property.

For more information about these and other New Jersey property management requirements and exceptions, please the .

Before hiring a property manager to manage your New Jersey rental property, you should always check that he or she is licensed appropriately. You can check the license status of New Jersey property managers at the .


New Jersey Eviction Laws

Evictions are awful - perhaps the worst task property managers must perform. If you're in the business long enough, you'll likely have to go through the eviction process at least once.

Here's a local example of a New Jersey eviction: If you believe you need to start the eviction process because you have the worst tenant ever, you might get into an argument with landlord Pat Giganti. He owns a rental property once occupied by Mike Sorrentino, a star of the reality TV show Jersey Shore who is famous for his wild antics. He was accused by Giganti of trashing a rental home and falling behind on his rent payments.

New Jersey Community Association Management Licensing

A broker's license is required to manage community associations in New Jersey only if the manager is renting, leasing, selling or advertising.

New Jersey Real Estate Broker Licensing Requirements

New Jersey real estate broker licensing requirements include:

New Jersey Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Requirements

New Jersey real estate salesperson licensing requirements include:

Please note that New Jersey does not have reciprocity with any other state.

For more information about these and other licensing requirements, please the . Specific information about licensing may be found at the .

IMPORTANT: This information is intended for informational purposes only and under no circumstances should it be considered legal advice or relied upon without first confirming its contents with your state real estate commission. Laws are updated frequently, and this information may not reflect the current law in your state. To confirm the specific requirements for each state, please your state real estate commission.

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