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Fort Worth, TX Rental Market Overview

Texas has numerous major cities - more so than practically every other state. Millions of residents live in these metros, a number of whom sign lease agreements at rental properties. Fort Worth is one of these cities where the rental industry is booming.

Since the turn of the century, the city's population has grown substantially, likely due in part to its rating as one of the safest metros in the U.S., which has helped Fort Worth receive ratings as a premier place to settle down.

Fort Worth is known for many things, including distinct Art Deco-style architecture, Sundance Square in the downtown area and a unique Western environment.

Residents can experience the city's rich history through watching performances at theaters such as Bass Performing Hall, as well as at its various museums, attractions and historical sites, such as the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Though there are a few well-known pro sports teams nearby in Dallas, another pride and joy of Fort Worth is Texas Christian University's sports teams. Its nationally competitive football team is viewed by many of the city's ardent pigskin fans.

Property Management Companies Can Greatly Assist Fort Worth Property Owners

Fort Worth is one of the nation's fastest-growing cities, as its population increased by more than 200,000 people in the past decade, the Census Bureau reports.

Property investors who want to purchase a residence in a market where many are looking for rental properties may not find a more suitable metro than Fort Worth, where burgeoning businesses, numerous schools and the Western atmosphere continue to draw in a number of residents each year.

And once a property is obtained, the next step is to employ a property management company nearby to handle all the daily duties associated with the residence - from interviewing applicants to properly maintaining the unit.

Fort Worth Rental Market at a Glance

Rental Occupancy Rate, June 2011, Dallas-Fort Worth: 91.34 percent

Average Monthly Rent, June 2011, Dallas-Fort Worth: $766.30

Statistics courtesy of O'Connor & Associates

Population, 2000: 534,694

Population, 2010: 736,200

Statistics courtesy of the Census Bureau

Finding Fort Worth Property Management Companies

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Additional Property Management in Fort Worth, TX

5000 Rowlett Road , Suite 105
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First Fidelity Real Estate Services offers Property Management at reasonable rates.

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